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Newspaper clippings from The North Georgia News
Clippings from the North Georgia News in Blairsville, Georgia.

Who, what, where, when, and why?

Stories and Events is a collection of stories about local people, small businesses, interesting places, and small town life in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I write about Southern Appalachian traditions, local events, artists, animals, and even do a few book reviews.

Janice Boling
By Janice Boling


My publisher at the North Georgia News used to say that I could find something interesting to write about on the side of the road. I figure if anyone looks hard enough, they can find plenty of things to grab the attention of readers.

I was passionate about writing for the newspaper, and now I am passionate about creating new content for my websites. I hope my passion shows through in this blog.

If my stories put a smile on your face or cause a raised eyebrow, then I feel like I have accomplished something.

Thanks for reading, Jan.

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